Friday, February 5, 2010

We're Going on a Trip in Our Favorite Rocketship!

That's the theme song from the boys' new favorite show, "Little Einsteins!"

Speaking of trips... we are taking off on 2 trips back-to-back!

Jimmy has flight training in Atlanta next week so the boys and I are gonna tag along and make a little road trip out of it.  We have several friends along our driving route that we'll get to visit with and several friends in the Atlanta area.  During the day when Jimmy is in training the boys and I will go see friends and then meet back up with Jimmy in the evening.  The weather has be cold, dreary, snowy and icy here so I'm looking forward to warmer temps and new territory to explore!

Since I've started blogging a few years ago I've "met" several Mommy's of multiples.  2 of them in particular have twin boys just a few months younger than Bryce & Drew.  Both live in the area that we will be traveling to, so I'm hopeful we'll get to actually meet in person and see our cute twin boys playing together!

Then, just 2 days after returning from Atlanta we'll be taking off again....this time to HAWAII!!!

Mom & Mike are going to their condo in Kauai and had invited some friends to join them.  Unfortunately, they had to cancel their trip so, as of just yesterday, we have decided to join them!  Nothing like making vacation plans to Hawaii just 3 weeks out! 

Oh my much to do!  Gotta go buy swimsuits, sun hats and flip flops!