Thursday, January 24, 2008


I am sick of sickness! The boys started barking like seals over a week ago. Then they got runny noses, scratchy throats and fevers. At times, they cough so hard that they throw up! After a few days of letting it run its course, it was only worsening, so we took them to the pediatrician. They both had double ear infections and possible strep throats - horribly red throats with white puss spots all over their mouths. Poor wonder they weren't eating and sleeping well! Here's a pic of our daily medicine/health product's a job keeping all the doses straight!
All they want to do is be held by us and snuggle with one another.

Drew has always been good about taking his medicine/vitamins. Bryce on the other hand, does well with his vitamins but fights us with his medicine. It takes both of us to hold him down and pry his mouth open to get it down him. So, we decided to make it a game. Every time he takes a little bit we yell "good job Bryce" and clap and do a happy dance for him. He enjoyed the positive reinforcement so much that when he finished, he said "MORE!" must not be too bad!
I'm a little concerned about our little Drew. He as always been very tall and thin but he has lost quite a bit of weight recently. At the doctor's office the other day he only weighed 24 pounds while he weighed 25 pounds over 4 months ago at their 18 month checkup. He is in the 97% percentile for height and only 10% for weight. Hopefully as his appetite returns we can fatten him up a little bit! If anyone has any healthy, high-calorie suggestions, please pass them along!


Ginger said...

Our doctor suggest carnation instant Breakfast. Reagan never really had a problem with low weight, but one check up she has drop down in % so that is what she suggest. I have heard of other mom's using that also. And when I was in Junior high I have problems with low weight(not anymore) and that is the same thing my doctor suggested. Anyways, I really think it a good to try. It is just like Chocolate milk. I believe it is in the breakfast area of the stores. So sorry to hear the boys are sick. It seems like everyone is sick right now.

Smang said...

I need to try that Instant Breakfast thing. Actually our Pedi said he needed more protein and to give him Pediasure but he will have nothing to do with those drinks so we've been trying to increase his protein throughout the day but also at the end of the day he eats a vanilla jello pudding cup with soy protein powder. He eats it up and is none the wiser. He's gained 2 pounds since Dec. 15th when he had RSV. He now weighs a whopping 26 pounds. :) I hope the boys get better very soon. We will be praying for all of you, especilly mommy. ;)