Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Their Favorite Things: Part 2

Here's more of my silly and sweet boys' favorite things!

Wrestling with each other - lovingly, of course!
Chasing each other around the house with their dump trucks

Playing at the park

Eating Mexican food - they LOVE to dip their chips in queso and then salsa. Hmmm...I wonder where they learned that yummy from! Playing "ring around the rosie"
Falling down is the funnest part, of course!
Putting puzzles together
Playing with their laptops
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Ginger said...

I was wondering when we would see part 2. It was great talking with you today. Sorry it always seem crazy when I get on the phone. That is when Reagan decided to see what she can get away with. Hope to talk to you again soon.

Smang said...

Could they be any cuter? I love the shades! And they are so clever...pulling out those bins and lining them up. Where do they come up with their clever ideas??