Sunday, April 13, 2008

Spring Break

As I mentioned in an earlier post, Nana and Papa R and our niece and nephew (Teal and Drake) came to visit us from the Seattle area for their Spring Break. We spent half the time at our house and half at a condominium in a nearby resort town. Even though the weather was crummy most of the time, we had lots of fun.

On the nicer days...
The boys had fun outside playing with Nana and Papa

Playing tennis for the first time - well, just holding the rackets!
We went shopping
Painted pottery
But probably the boy's favorite thing was "swimming" in the hot tub. It was heated to bath water temperature so it was perfect! They were like fish kicking, going under the water and blowing bubbles. I need to get them some swim lessons!

On the "not-so-nice days" we...
Had fun playing indoor miniature golf
Explored around at The Bass Pro Shop
Caught flying shrimpwith our mouths, watched eggs tossed into the air and onion volcanoes at the Japanese Steakhouse!
Went to a dinner/show with horses, wild pigs, ostriches, horses, long-horn cattle, dancing and lots of music - the boys were captivated!

Teal and Drake were so sweet, loving and attentive with Bryce and Drew. They were so helpful. Thank you kids...Auntie Karen loves you and I'm so proud of you both! Bryce and Drew love their Sissy and Drakey too!

Thank you Nana and Papa for all of your love and for a fun vacation. We will cherish these memories for a lifetime! We all love you!

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Leilanni said...

It looks like y'all had SO much fun! I'm so glad . . .and that hot tub sure looks great . . . :-)