Thursday, November 13, 2008

I Love My Boys!

No matter how challenging 2 2 year olds can be, I am privileged and honored to be their Mommy. I just love these little boys with all my heart!

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ASHLEY said...


Harris Boys said...

couldn't have said it any better. the love and emotions I feel for my little guys is just truly amazing!!! I know exaclty what you mean :)

adorable pics of you and the boys.



love all the new pictures of the boys!

i am no expert on the potty training by no means, but i will tell you what worked for us.

they have been using the potty every now and then since they were 18 months.i have two little pottys that they use at home and they use the big potty too,so when we are out in public it doesnt bother them to use the big pottys. we never started the pull ups,just stayed in diapers and then in the evening i would put underwear on them. we would go to the potty every 20 minutes and celebrate everytime they used it. they would still have accidents some,but they knew it as soon as they did it. we would just talk about it and put on a new pair. while we were in disney world i noticed austin would stay dry all day long, so when we got home is when i really just put them in underwear and that was it. aiden will still have an accident every now and then,but austin is doing great. i would really recommend the underwear instead of pull ups just so that they can feel when they have an accident. after a couple of days or even a week i am sure they will catch on. they also enjoy pee peeing on mommys tire, trees, rocks, or anything else that is fun:)! i believe consistently is the key! good luck and let me know how it is going!