Friday, June 12, 2009

Still Catching Up...

Dad and Shari came to visit in May. They drove their Corvette all the way here from Seattle! They drove through some horrible storms and tornadoes close to our home delaying their arrival. So, after the boys asked at least 100 times where Papa and Gammie were we finally dressed them in their rain coats and rubber boots so they could wait outside for them!Papa and Gammie got here just in time to see the boys in their first 2 swim lessons.
Bryce and Drew were good students and really liked Miss Lannie especially when she gave them lollipops! Jimmy and I took advantage of free babysitting and enjoyed a day together. Papa & Gammie and the boys had fun together, too. They are still talking about the bunny cake they made together!

The weather wasn't very nice while they were here, so there was a lot of time indoors and lots of special snuggle time!

Bryce and Papa were inseparable!
On the 2 nice days we had fun going miniature golfing...

The boys helped Papa wash his Corvette...

And we enjoyed a sunny day at Table Rock Lake - the fish hatchery, a picnic and playing in the water!

Papa and Gammie,
We look forward to more SWEET times with you this summer.
We'll be looking for you in August! :0)
Your Grandsons

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