Saturday, September 18, 2010


Bryce and Drew have done so awesome with all of this transition.  Having our house on the market for 90 days, selling our house, movers packing up everything, 2 days of traveling and moving to a new home in a new state.  I am so proud of them!  I'm thankful that they are so adaptable!

I am also thankful that we had a moving crew pack us, move us and unload us...they were amazing!!!

The first night we moved in, I captured this precious moment...Bryce holding Drew's hand in bed!

Having a pool has definitely helped make this transition easier and more fun for the boys.  They are having a blast!

Bryce chilin' with Papa Jim...this is the life!

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Harris Boys said...

Hey Karen!!! I emailed you a few times, but never got a response. I hope I still have your correct email. I can't believe you guys are already moved in. WOW! I know you have been busy. I can't remember where you said you moved to exactly? Would love to finally meet you and the boys :)

Take care and welcome to Georgia!!!