Saturday, April 2, 2011

Uncle Eric Is Home!

Eric got back from his year-long deployment to Afghanistan in February...thankfully safe and sound!  Mom and Mike flew to visit him and the girls at Ft. Campell and decided to drive down to see us for a quick weekend.  It was wonderful seeing them all and always fun to have my niece Jordyn here to play with the boys.  We got possession of our new house that weekend so it was a little chaotic, but thankfully, I did have time to capture a few cute pics!
Jordyn is so glad to have her Daddy home!

The kiddos trying out the hot tub at our new house...

Jordyn looks so cute in her little bikini!
Grandma having "girl time" on the golf cart.

We celebrated Jordyn, Bryce & Drew's birthdays early while they were here.  I took lots of video of Jordyn but I guess forgot to snap pics!

Thanks for making the drive to see us.  We love you all and are thankful for our time with you! post signature

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Jody Winterbottom said...

Hi Karen,

I hope youre well!

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