Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Last week we went to a "going away party" for some people in our neighborhood.  All the kiddos were playing chase and tag in the yard, when Drew fell and started complaining that his foot hurt.  He was limping a little but continued to play hard.  I thought maybe he just twisted or sprained his ankle.  We used ice for a few days but when he started walking on his heel and crawling up and down the stairs, I knew it wasn't healing.  After taking him to the Pediatrician and getting x-rays, he diagnosed him with a "phantom break".  A fracture in the foot that is too small to show up on x-rays.  I was SO sad when he said he would have to wear a cast for 3 weeks.  We have been spending 3+ hours a day in our pool and he would be devastated to have to sit on the sidelines for that long! Thankfully, the Dr. presented the option of a waterproof cast...well worth the cash out of pocket expense!

Drew swam today for the first time with the cast on.  It is definitely heavy and slows him down, but he still swims into the deep end and dives to the bottom of the pool!  I'm thankful that he is so tough, has a good attitude and a big smile!

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