Sunday, September 25, 2011


Until yesterday, our baseball team had gone 0-4.  We've lost 2 players, had our best player out for awhile and lost our head coach.  The majority of our team (including Bryce & Drew) has never even played baseball or t-ball before.  Thankfully, Fall baseball is less competitive and more instructional...a good time for our boys and 1 girl to learn the basics of baseball & good sportsmanship!  We may not be the best, but we have a lot of fun and lots of team spirit!

However, I don't know anyone that doesn't LOVE TO WIN! 

This week, Jimmy took over as The Manager, we got our best player back, and we gained a "pool player"...Bryce & Drew's best buddy, Cole!

AND...WE HAD OUR 1ST WIN!!! SCORE = 13 - 6!

Bryce has really been struggling hitting the ball.  The whole "hand/eye" coordination thing is hard for him.  Last week, he finally started hitting, but he got thrown out at first base each time.  THIS WEEK, he hit  AND got on base...this smile says it all!
Bryce on base!

Drew likes baseball a lot more than Bryce and has been playing consistently well.

Brothers in the outfield!

Our team was SO EXCITED!  They were jumping and screaming.  Coach Jimmy was SO PROUD.  Lots of Mom's were crying because EVERY player had a great game and improved greatly this week.

GO REDS!!!So glad Grandma & Papa Mike were here to see this game!

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