Saturday, March 31, 2012

Happy 6th Birthday!

Bryce & Drew wanted to have a baseball cake and play games with their friends for their 6th birthday. 6 friends joined us at "Richardson Field" for a fun afternoon of games, prizes and concession-type food!

We had popcorn, peanuts, cracker jacks & lemonade for snacks.

It started off sunny & hot, so when the kids arrived, they blasted each other with water guns until everyone was soaked! 

Then we played pin the ball in the mitt, twirl around the bat, pitching contest, balloon stomp, tug-a-war and hot potato with an inflatable baseball.  It started to rain so we came inside for hot dogs & fruit, cake & ice cream, and gifts.  The the boys went wild with nerf gun fights!  CRAZY!!!

Unfortunately, I never got a group picture!  I was too busy keeping track of 8 little kids!
Everyone got to take home a goodie bag that had Big League Gum, sunflower seeds, baseball trading cards, baseball tattoos & a baseball yo-yo.  I think everyone "Had a Ball!"

One more reason I'm thankful that I have twins...I ONLY HAVE TO PLAN 1 BIRTHDAY PARTY PER YEAR!!!
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