Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The boys are 17 months old today!

Since the majority of our friends and family live hundreds of miles away, I have decided I could do a better job keeping in touch with everyone by joining the blogging world. Many of you know that I am pretty computer illiterate, so this is a huge undertaking! I hope this will keep us better connected!

Our precious babies are growing up so quickly. Bryce and Drew are 17 months old today! They bring so much joy and laughter to our lives.

Bryce loves music and dancing, peek a boo, hide and seek, going on walks, playing in his swimming pool and sprinkler and riding his tricycle around the house. He also loves to watch me cook! Bryce loves to be around people and lights up a room with his big, brown eyes, smile and giggles. I laugh so hard at him sometimes, my face hurts!

Drew also loves music and dancing (they have recently started watching "The Wiggles") doing ANYTHING outside, cars, dogs and chasing his brother around the house on his tricycle. He also loves to ride on the lawn mower with his Daddy. When I sweep the floor he is usually right beside me sweeping up with another broom...what a good helper! Drew has a very tender, sweet spirit and shares well his brother.

We pray every day that our boys will love the Lord and each other. We want them to be the best of friends. I think they are off to a pretty good start!
My babies also love THEIR babies! I have been amazed that Bryce and Drew never took a pacifier, they never sucked on their thumbs and they never had a blanket or a special toy or animal...that was until a few months ago! Around the time that we started weaning from the bottle, both boys began loving one of their stuffed animals. Bryce only sleeps with his (thankfully...you'll see why!) but Drew likes to have his nearby him ALL DAY! Here's Drew with his best friend...besides Bryce!


James said...

Those are the cutest kids I have ever seen. Seriously!

Jeannie said...

Thank you Karen for sharing pictures.... Loved them....and I love reading your comments...I hope to get a chance to meet them in person someday. Jeannie

Rebekah said...

Welcome to the blog world! I'm so glad you are doing this. The boys are absolutely precious. Miss you guys!!!

Renee said...

What a blessing to be able to see your boys! They are adorable. I have two very cute nieces that really should meet them! =) Miss ya'll!

grandpa and grammy said...

Great job on the blog!!!! We are impressed (and surprised). Love the pic of the boys together and with their babies.....we may be slightly biased, but they are too cute!

Leilanni said...

Yay Karen!!! I am SO happy you've joined the blogging world! These are just the sweetest pictures . . .and I do see why you're glad Bryce doesn't drag his special friend everywhere he goes. :-)

I love your sidebar story about the journey you and Jimmy went through to get these precious boys here. And that verse about settling the barren woman as a happy mother . . .I stumbled across that one day on accident a few months ago and my jaw must have hit the floor. I love that God knows exactly how we feel!!

I look forward to seeing more updates - great job!

Ann Smith said...

I LOVE IT!! Cherish every waking moment. It flies by. I wish I would have written all the funny things down. It only gets better. Keep the pictures coming. Brings back loads of memories.
Just think about adding one more in to the picture! The twins were 21 months old when Kris was born!

Papa, Jim said...

Well it been 8 days since the last update. Papa Jim needs another fix. I'm Patiently waiting.

Papa, Jim said...

I'm still waiting, Patiently, 3000 miles away.