Monday, September 3, 2007

Toddlers or Monkeys?

Bryce and Drew have started climbing onto and into everything! The other day they took all of their toys out of the entertainment center, crawled inside and then each of them laid down on a shelf. It looked like they were sleeping on bunk beds! The next few pictures show some of the other things they have discovered! For those parents out there reading this that either have toddlers or remember when their toddlers did this, how did you handle it? We want them to have good manners and of course, we're afraid they will fall and get hurt, so we're either spanking them or putting them in "time out." Please share your thoughts and opinions on this...I greatly welcome them!

The boys discovering they can climb into their high chairs at the same time!

Monkeys on the kitchen table!

Standing on the kitchen chair turning the light on and off!
Bryce in action!

Drew in action!


Rebekah said...

My rule of thumb is spanking if it's safety. So when Emma climbs on chairs, tables, things she shouldn't, I spank her. Has it helped? We have seen some fruits but she still does it sometimes. So I continue to discipline.

Leilanni said...

I agree about spanking when it's a safety issue. But I have to say that those pictures also made me laugh out loud! Especially the one upside down in the high chair - ha! They are quite the monkeys, you're right. I have no sound advice on this but will be watching your blog to see what others say!

katrina said...

I am just amazed that the high chair didn't tip forward, but I too laughed outloud. Somehow it's different when it's someone else's child. Funnier...I would have spanked my own kids for sure. You guys are doing great though!

Patti said...

Hey Karen,
I love your website and am thrilled I can watch the boys grow up. I definitely would not let them climb into their high chairs for the obvious reasons. Give them boundaries and expect them to obey. They understand a lot more then we think. Have you guys gotten Growing Kids yet? Great stuff in their. Helped Frank and I to have a plan in raising Ryan and Hope. Be well! Patti

Reagan Mackenzie said...

Okay this might sound wierd, but maybe just put the high chair in a area where you can block them off. That way the boys can't get to them and you don't have to worry about fighting a never ending battle. Redirction for this age is great. Reagan also does timeouts in her pack & play and that work well for her. However every child is different. I know that climbing is just apart of development and they will hopefully out grow it soon. No,I forgot to ask Issiah what is mom's name was. I will let you know that whenever I find out. It is great to see your blog and find out what is happening in your world.

sharonschmitz said...

Karen your blog is awesome!!! What a great way to share the boys!!!!! We got lucky. Sophie wasn't much of a climber. However we have used a lot of time outs and spanking, like others, when safety was an issue. She's old enough now to understand options..."pick up or time out". She seems to be making some good decisions lately :). Just soemthing to look forward to!!! I still LOL when I saw the pics!!!!