Friday, October 5, 2007

Just to make you smile

Some cute pics from this week - thought they would make you smile!
My boys LOVE blueberries.
The boys spend a lot of time in their ball pit - they think they're pretty funny smashing their faces on the window!

They will find the smallest places to climb in to - I guess when they've shared a womb for 9 months, this is easy!
My handsome boys!


Reagan Mackenzie said...

So sweet, I love the one where they are in the container together. I so wish you still lived here. Leilanni, Angie and I are getting together on Monday for a playdate and Thursday night for girls night out. We really wish you were here to join us!!! Hey, Bryan and I are going to Hot Springs the first weekend in Nov. How far do you guys live from there? Miss seeing you, bye

Grandpa and Grandma said...

Yes, indeed, handsome boys....every picture I see I think that is my favorite, until the next one!!

Renee said...

We are so excited to see you next week! We can't wait to meet the boys and chase them around. Thanks for the great pictures!

nana said...

Nana,thinks her boys are handsome also.I love the way they love to eat and enjoy every bite.Good thing MAMA is a wonderful cook and enjoys cooking.I love you all. XO XO XO XO NANA