Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Our Fun Weekend

We were so blessed to have our dear friends Brent and Renee with us for a long weekend. It was so great to spend time together and (for me) to have adult conversation! The guys enjoyed a hike, and the 4 of us got to get away Saturday evening for dinner and a performance.
The boys LOVED playing with Brent and Renee.

After brunch on Monday at a beautiful resort nearby we said farewell to Brent and Renee. We hung around the resort for awhile to let the boys run around. They were fascinated by this bridge and ran up and down it over, and over and over again!

Look at this cool display - the horses are made out of corn husks!

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Sheila Fairly said...

So, so sweet and it was great to see pictures of Brent and Renee. I am so glad that you all are getting plenty of visitors!