Monday, June 9, 2008

Weekend in Review

We had a really fun-filled weekend.

Friday, we went to this amazing theatre

to see the Noah's Ark Musical with some friends. It was 2 1/2 hours long and the boys sat perfectly during the whole performance! I thought they would get bored because there was quite a bit of dialogue and singing but there was enough to look at to keep them intrigued. The stage was 300 feet long and the ark was 40 feet high! It wrapped around the audience so it looked liked we were actually inside the ark with all the animals amongst us! There were live camels, horses, llamas, cats, dogs, cows, pigs, donkeys, geese, birds and much more - 300 live and animaltronics in all. It was pretty cool!

Saturday, our triplet friends Grayson, Andrus and Liam celebrated their 3rd birthday. The kids were all asked to dress in "builder attire" since it was a "construction themed party" so Bryce and Drew wore overalls with a tape measure and several tools hanging on their pockets! Their mom did a great job decorating. She had yellow construction tape wound around the entire yard and toy trucks with balloons attached for centerpieces.

The thing my boys liked the most was the huge, empty, cardboard refrigerator box. Amanda cut holes in it for windows, made a door for the kids to walk in and out and then gave them each a sponge paintbrush & washable paints to paint the box! Oh my! They had fun and made quite a mess! Jimmy and I stood by to wipe up all the spills - well, most of them!

Sunday, we had a relaxing day at home. The boys swam in their pool and helped their Daddy do landscaping. They are definitely "all boy." They love dirt, dump trucks, shovels, cars, bugs, etc...!

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Emma and Luke said...

What a busy weekend! The party looks like fun, that's a neat theme and the boys look like they enjoyed themselves. Your yard is looking great too! You'll have to send a completed picture - are you landscaping or relandscaping the entire thing?