Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

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sorry haven't gotten back to you before now! i've been out of town.

thanks for answering my question.

we started talking about making the transition to big boy beds after our vacation to florida. the boy's shared a room by themselves and slept in a full bed together and did great. that's why i was wondering if they should share a bed. they have never shared a crib before, so i figured they were used to sleeping alone. i have always heard that twins love to sleep together, though. anyways, i really believe aiden is ready. he started climbing out of his crib months ago and we ended up sitting the mattress on the floor, but still inside the crib. when he got finished with his afternoon nap he came walking into the living room. so, he has now learned to climb out again. i'm not ready to give up the cribs, because it is so easy to get a shower or finish up something and know that they are safe, but i don't think aiden is going to make it much longer in his.

Harris Boys said...

hahah...too cute Karen!

Harris Boys said...

Hey Karen! thanks for the great advice! I am aware of probiotics...I worked in retail pharmacy for 8 years, but until now didn't even think about giving my boys any probiotics. Thanks for bringing that to my attention. I will be running out shortly to pick some up. Thanks again and have a great weekend!!

Leilanni said...

Ahh, yes - the picture says it all!