Monday, December 1, 2008

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas!

We got an early start on our Christmas decorating this year. We got the Christmas tree up and lights strung on Saturday. I told the boys if they had a good nap that they could help hang the ornaments when they woke up. It was a good bribe!

Bryce woke up first and was SO excited to help. I told him he could hang the candy canes while Drew was still sleeping, and when brother woke up, they could both hang the balls and ornaments.

Bryce is a boy of "order!" He likes things clean and organized. He likes to know how things work and tends to be an analyzer. He prefers his toys and things to be lined up in a certain order and fashion. And tends to have a "one track mind!"

It comes as no surprise that he hung his candy canes all nicely organized on one tree limb!

No matter how many times we told him to spread them out and decorate the entire tree, this is what he did.

Drew was thrilled too to help decorate. He followed his brother's lead and decorated the same way. Not only did the balls get hung on one branch, they hung them by color! It was a pretty funny sight to see!

We had such a fun day together. It kept the boys occupied ALL DAY LONG...and that's hard to do!
To top it all off, we woke up this morning to snow on the ground. The boys thought it was so cool!

I hope to get our gifts wrapped and under the tree over the next few days. I may regret doing this!

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Brandi said...

How the candie cane bundle. Mine do the same thing. Ornaments and everything. One glob. But they hae so much fun when it is decorating time. Love the pic of the boys looking out the door at the snow.

Harris Boys said...

adorable. love their pj's. I did the tree alone this year. I can't wait for my boys to help me!

DLJM said...

Hi Karen & Jimmy & fun to find your blog and see your adorable boys. Thanks so much for your note on ours. We can use all the prayers we can get. We fall more in love with our little bundles every day and do pray that God will let us have the joy of raising them.

Mom & Dad enjoyed their visit with you so much.

Holiday blessings to the four of you, Jean & family.