Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter 09: Part 2

After church on Sunday, our friends Jeff, Kristina, Maddy and Keenan came over for Easter dinner and an Easter egg hunt. The weather was horrible...40 degrees and pouring down rain. So, needless to say, the Easter egg hunt was indoors this year!

We decided it would be best to let the 3 three year olds do their own first...

Bryce and Keenan ran around the house stuffing as many eggs in their baskets as possible while Drew would pick one up at a time and immediately open it! He didn't care that 1/2 of the egss had "monies" in them - he just wanted the ones with candy! It was so funny to watch!
The 3 boys with all of their loot!

We gave the boys ziploc bags to sort their "monies" and candy into. Keenan just dumped out his eggs to eat the candy - mainly chocolote. Drew dumped out his eggs too - mainly to eat skittles (new to him!). Bryce dumped his eggs out and in a very organized fashion, seperated his goodies into appropriate piles. I love to see the differences in children's personalitites. They are ALL so different!

Since Maddy is 9, she got to have her Easter egg hunt all by herself!

Although we receive enJOYment from the Easter baskets, the jelly beans and Resses peanut butter eggs, and the cute outfits, our true JOY comes from understanding what Easter is REALLY all about.

I love the lyrics to this song...

"Can't Keep A Good Man Down."

He said goodbye to the angels of heaven
And He came to earth as a common man
He taught us how we could love one another
There was healing in His hands

There were those who believed and followed Him
And there were those who wanted Him dead
They thought the grave would silence Him forever
But they found out instead

Chorus:You can close your eyes
You can say it's a lie
You can stick your head in the sand
You can turn away and try to explain
He was just another man
When they nailed Him to the cross by His hands and His feet and they put Him in the ground
Three days later everybody found out that ya can't
No you can't keep a good man down,

I hear you say that it all sound crazy
It's a good story but it can't be true
How could a man who was dead and buried
Mean a thing to you and me

Here we are two thousand years later
And still the choice is just the same
You can say ya don't believe it
But it doesn't change a thing


I can take you to the hill where they hung Him on a cross
I can take you to the empty tomb
I can tell you He's alive 'cause He lives in me
But the rest is up to you


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