Saturday, April 18, 2009

A Wonderful Visit

This past week, Jimmy's childhood pastor/family friend and his wife came to visit us. Donny and Diane recently retired, bought a beautiful trailer, truck and motorcycle and have been touring the US for the past 7's a pretty sweet setup! They parked their trailer in a nearby RV park and enjoyed riding their motorcycle hundreds of miles throughout the Ozark Mountains. They came to our house for dinner 2 nights and then Donny and Diane took me and the boys out to dinner one night since Jimmy was out of town. We had a wonderful time visiting and catching up with them and of course, it was extra special being able to introduce them to Bryce and Drew! The boys enjoyed the attention and love they were shown! They seem to feel right at home with other grandparents!

Donny and Diane are very special to us. Fifteen years ago (this Aug) Donny married us. We also did pre-marital counseling with them both. Jimmy and I still remember a lot of the advice they shared with us and have had many opportunities in the past 15 years to put it into action!
Donny and Diane,

Thank you for driving to see our family and for spending time with us. We thoroughly enjoyed it! You are both generous, loving and servant-minded individuals. We love you and appreciate you and look forward to seeing you on your next road trip!

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Jeannie said...

Fun!! So enjoyed the pictures... We were so excited to hear they were visiting you guys...and could give you a hug and tell you Hello for us in person....It is a small world... Thanks for sharing... Hugs to you all... Jeannie