Sunday, March 28, 2010

Letter To Bryce

Dear Bryce,
Today, you are turning 4 years old!  Suprisingly, you are not in the least bit excited for it.  For months you have been telling us that, "I don't want to turn 4.  I want to stay 3 foweva!"  I've never known a child that doesn't want to have a birthday and turn a year older!  Obviously, you loved being 3 and that makes Mommy & Daddy feel really good!
Your 3rd year of life has certainly been a momentus one.  You were fully potty-trained around your 3rd birthday.  We transitioned you from your crib into a toddler bed and then ultimately moved you & Drew into a queen size bed.  You learned how to swim, how to ride your bike and how to undress/ dress yourself.  Bryce, you also have learned your phonics and how to read & spell a little.

Bryce,  your favorite baby is still your long, red caterpillar but "Spot" the puppy runs a close second.  Your favorite color is red and your favorite TV show is Curious George.  You love to snuggle in your bed at night with Mommy or Daddy to read your Bible and Curious George books.  You adore spending time with your Daddy and will help him with any project he is working on - washing cars, mowing the grass and building/fixing things.  You love to touch buttons and learn how everything fits together and works so we recently nicknamed you "Gadget Boy!" Thankfully, you still love spending time with Mommy.  You love to help me cook/bake and to help me clean house.  Hopefully, you will always find it fun to help me make the beds, vacuum, dust, do laundry and the dishes!  I love that you ask to have "special time" with me, especially if it involves shopping!  You also love adventure and to travel.
Recently, we introduced you to and  You are so smart on the computer and really enjoy learning new games.  You also enjoy playing in your ball pit, putting your marble run together, playing with your trains. and your Wii.  Outside, you love to ride bikes, play with remote control cars and swim.

Bryce, you have an awesome personality.  You are very outgoing, adventerous, inquisitive, happy and a joy to be around.  You are very social.  You love to be around people, to talk to people and to talk on the phone...just like your Daddy!  You are a hard worker and you like boundaries - you like to know what the plan is and to know what to expect.  You tend to have a little bit of a temper. As Daddy says, "Bryce loves BIG and gets mad BIG!" You can be very ornery to your brother and can throw some pretty big tantrums.  Typically, it's because you didn't get your way or or you were not first...or, most likely because you were very tired

Thankfully Bryce, you are a pretty good eater.  You love eggs, yogurt, fruits & vegetables, pasta, cheeseburgers, meatloaf, soups & quesadillas.  There is not much you will not eat!  I love it when you tell me, "Mommy this dinner is delicious.  Thank you for making it for me!"
Bryce, you make me & your Daddy smile every day.  We love your hugs & kisses.  We pray every day that God will give us wisdom & discernment as we raise you. We are expecting some big changes in your 4th year of life.  Daddy may get a job transfer to the Memphis area so we may be moving from Arkansas to Tennessee.  We will be selling the house that you have been raised in and will be buying a new home in TN.  Hopefully, we can get a bigger home with a huge play room for you & Drew to put all of your toys in.  Daddy also said that maybe we could build a fort outside and maybe get a puppy?!  No matter what changes come our way Bryce, Mommy & Daddy will always love you, teach you, guide you and protect you.  We want you to always feel safe & secure.

We love you so much Bryce.  We are so proud of you and are so thankful that you are our son!
Mommy & Daddy

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