Sunday, March 28, 2010

Letter To Drew

Dear Drew,

Today you are turning 4 and you are super cranky about it!  For months you have been telling us that "I don't want to turn 4.  I wanna stay 3 foweva!"  At times, you have even cried about it!  I'm not sure why you are so upset about it.  Maybe because you've heard us say that when you turn 4 you'll go to preschool? Or, we'd like to think it's because you've had an awesome 3rd year of life! Regardless, your birthday is here...there is no stopping it! 
Your 3rd year of life has been so fun with you Drew.  You got fully potty trained, you transitioned from your crib to your toddler bed and ultimately to sharing the queen size bed with Bryce.  You've learned to ride your bike, phonics, how to swim, how to undress/dress and how to read & spell a little bit.
Drew, you have endured A LOT this year.  You had ear surgery at Children's Hospital to remove a cyst.  You are also recovering from having your tonsils & adenoids removed.  You've battled with sleep apnea and breathing problems.  Mommy & Daddy are so proud of you.  You have been very brave, tough and patient through it all.  Hopefully, you will not have to have anymore surgeries.
Drew, you have SO many favorites, I don't think I can list them all!  This year you've added lots of new favorite babies.  In addition to your "Baby D & Booger", you've added Freddy the Frog, Larry the Cucumber and Theodore the Chipmunk.  You tend to rotate your favorites every few months.  Your favorite colors are green & orange, although, you really love ALL the colors of the rainbow.  You are a tv bug and have lots of favorites, but your top 3 shows are Curious George, Word World & Chuggington.  You love to play outside - driving your car, riding bikes, playing with your remote control cars and exploring.  You love nature and bugs!  You love to play with your Daddy.  He chases you, tickles you, tackles you , wrestles with you and boxes just ask for more!  You love to snuggle with your Mommy.  You enjoy baking and making fruit smoothies with me.  And recently, have enjoyed making crafts.  You love to lay your head on Mommy & Daddy's shoulders at night to read books - your favorites are your Bible and Curious George books.  Drew, you are very independent.  You like to spend time alone and tend to be a "home body."  Although, you do love to travel! You love your family and friends but don't have the need to socialize as much as Bryce! Your nickname has been "Drew Bug" for most of your life but recently you don't like your play only like your real name!
We are so thankful we got you swim lessons.  Drew, we are absolutely blown away at your abilitiy.  You are truly a natural in the water.  You can swim up to 30 feet and hold your breath the whole time!  You also love to play your Wii, your marble run and your train track.  You also love to play and on the computer.
You have lots of favorite foods Drew, but you are more of a picky eater.  You like yougurt, fruit smoothies, fruits & vegetables, pasta, PB & J, muffins, and Mommy's homemade pizza!
Drew, you have such a sweet spirit.  You are soft spoken, gentle & kind and are a caretaker.  You are very sensitive - you get your feelings hurt easily but you are also sensitive toward others.  You are playful, silly and quirky at times.  You love to snuggle and be held but you are also independent.  You like adventure and don't fear much!  I love it when you tell me "Mommy, I love you and you're pretty."  You are very kind to your brother and considerate to Bryce.  You often think of him before yourself.  If you two are fighting, Bryce is usually to blame.  You like to be busy.  Your attention span is not long so it's hard to have "learning time" with you.  Thankfully, you learn quickly!  When you get cranky, it's usually because you have low blood sugar.  Usually a snack will perk you right up!
As you start your 4th year of life we are possibly facing some big changes.  Unfortunately, you don't like change, but we know you'll adapt well.  Daddy's job may be taking us to the Memphis area.  We will probably be selling the home that you have been raised in and moving to a home in Tennessee.  We hope that we can get a bigger home with a big play room for all of your toys.  Daddy even said we may be able to built a fort outside and possibly even get a puppy! You will also be starting preschool in the Fall!  Just know, that Mommy & Daddy pray everyday to God, that he would give us discernment in wisdom in raising you.  No matter what changes come our way, you will always be loved.  Mommy & Daddy love you so much.  We will always love you, protect you, guide you and teach you.  We always want you to feel safe & secure.
We are proud of you Drew and are so thankful you are our son!

Mommy & Daddy

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