Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Sweet Way To End The Day!

These days, my boys are pretty extremely competitive.  Bryce more so than Drew.  They race on their bikes, they race to see who can pee first, finish eating first, brush their teeth first, and even fall asleep first! Bryce will stop at nothing to win - even if it means hurting Drew.  He will hold him down, trip him or push him to win!  It has been really ugly.  Drew ends up hurt & crying.  Bryce cries because he gets a time out and a spanking.  Ughh...it's so frustrating and a huge time waster!  It's making me crazy!

Tonight, after a long day of competition, I captured this...

Bryce & Drew layed face-to-face eating their popcorn and discussing their day.  Each one said, "So...what did you do today?!"  Even though they spent the entire day together they recounted the day's events!  It made me smile and thank God for my little boys...even though we have these "tough twin times", I'm glad God gave me 2!

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Mike & Shirley said...

Precious pic....good to capture the sweet moments to focus on. remember when they took up a whole lot less space on the couch?!!