Sunday, September 23, 2007

Brotherly Love

When the boys first wake up in the morning they like to cuddle up with me or Jimmy and their babies, drink their juice and just take their time waking up. Yesterday was a cute first - they decided to cuddle up with one another on the couch and stayed that way for 15 minutes! They have both been sick with colds this week so maybe they needed a little brotherly love from one another?

On most days the boys eat cold cereal (Cinnamon Harvest by Kashi - yummy!) for breakfast. Today, Drew had a cereal strike and wanted to eat yogurt instead. It was pretty funny when Brcye tipped his bowl up to his mouth to drink the milk out of the bowl, Drew did the same with his yogurt. What a mess we had!


Grandpa and Grandma said...

How the pics....more, more, more!
Love, Grandma

Leilanni said...

Oh, how sweet! As soon as I saw the "cuddly" pictures I let out an audible "awww . . ." even though no one is here with me!! ha ha Too cute - thanks for sharing!

Reagan Mackenzie said...

Funny blog considering your next one about the boys bitting. Cute pictures. Hope your doing well.

Angie said...

So sweet!!! How could those sweet boys ever fight. :P I love all the updates and pictures!