Thursday, September 6, 2007

They are so beautiful to me!

I stood behind the entertainment center today so the boys couldn't see me and I just watched as they played quietly and lovingly together on the floor. It was such a sweet moment seeing them share toys, pat each other on the back, giggle at one another and talk in their own little "twin chatter." Tears welled up in my eyes as I thought about how much I love my children and how beautiful they are to me. I love to look at their little hands, to hear their feet pitter-patter on the hardwood floors, but most of all, I love to look at their sweet faces and innocent eyes. I never want to forget what my babies look like so I take a lot of pictures. I especially love the close-ups of their faces - smiling, sleeping or crying! Here's a few of my recent favorites.


James said...

They are so beautiful to me too. But how could they not be with a beautiful mom like you? They are growing up too quick for their daddy. Great pictures! Love you all! Jimmy

Reagan Mackenzie said...

Oh that is so sweet Jimmy! What a sweet husband you are. Brownie points for you! What would or did we do without our sweet children!

Leilanni said...

I agree with Ginger - major brownie points for Jimmy! :-) But all of our kiddos are definitely growing up too fast. I took Elliana for her 18 mo. appt. this past week and the doctor said we don't have to come back until she's 2. Two??? Isn't that light years away? Nope - only 6 months!!! I don't even want to think about it. . . I'm just getting over her turning 1. Ha! Great pictures! You really know how to capture their little personalities!!!