Sunday, February 8, 2009

All By Himself!

Of our 2 boys, Drew has been the least interested in potty training. He has only gone a handful of times on the "big boy potty."

In the reading I've done and at the advice of mothers of boys, they say to wait until they are age 3 to start potty training or before WHEN they show an interest. I was beginning to think that we would just get Bryce trained and then Drew would follow.


The other day I was looking for Drew everywhere and could not find him. I cracked up laughing when I found him with his pants and diaper around his ankles sitting on his "big boy potty!" He went 4 times that first day and has gone pretty much every pee-pee since then! He goes ALL ON HIS OWN!!! No prompting or reminding from us. We are in complete shock! He'll just take off running for our bathroom saying, "I go pee-pee!"

He loves to flush the toilet, clean his "big boy potty" and wash his hands too - it's all part of the process!

I guess we shouldn't be too surprised by our little Drew. Afterall, he's very independent, strong-willed and sweet all in one!

We love you Drew and are so very proud of you!

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Tjaardas in Florida said...

Yay Drew!! That was my boys too- they needed to do it on their own.

JP's MOM said...

Yea! Way to go Drew.

My oldest was exactly like that.