Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Update on Drew's Surgery

Thank you to ALL that have called, text messaged, emailed and left messages on facebook and my blog...we have certainly felt the love & concern y'all have shown our precious little Drew. It means so much to know that our family is loved by so many dear friends & family.

It has been a difficult and tiring day but God has been so faithful to give us peace. Our doctors, nurses & other staff were awesome and very professional.

The surgeon's concern with Drew's surgery is that his cyst was very large and that he could potentially damage the ear bones during removal. If that happened he would remove the damaged bones and put in an ear prosthesis.

Thankfully, he was able to access the cyst and remove it all in one piece WITHOUT damaging the bones...NO prosthesis necessary and NO hearing loss! Praise the Lord!!!

Drew did well in surgery but had a difficult time in recovery. He was very combative and uncomfortable for quite awhile. He did not like the protective cup covering his ear and he kept trying to pull it off. Once he was able to keep some juice down his nurse gave him some pain meds and he calmed right down.

Drew was an absolute trooper today. I am so proud of how he handled all of this. He did much better than I ever would!

We are currently in our hotel and planning to drive the 3 hours back home. Hopefully, Drew will just sleep!

Thanks again everyone for you prayers, love & concern...we greatly appreciae y'all

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Renee said...

So glad to hear things went well. We were praying for you today. Thank you for keeping us updated. Miss you all!

Ginger said...

Glad it is over for you all and that it was successful!