Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Christmas #2

Papa Jim flew down in mid December to help us out during Drew's surgery.  Children's Hospital didn't allow siblings in the waiting room so Papa stayed back at the hotel with Bryce so Jimmy & I could both be with Drew.  Thank you Papa for all of your help & love during this time!

This is a pic of the boys & their Papa Jim in the hot tub at our hotel the night before Drew's surgery.

Nana had to stay home to continue working so we were excited when she got to join us on the 23rd.

Bryce & Drew are slow opening their gifts.  They like to open a gift and then play with it for awhile and we certainly don't want to rush them!  So, on Christmas Eve morning we let them open their stockings from us and a couple of gifts from under the tree.

Our favorite tradition that we started with the boys on their 1st Christmas is to bake a birthday cake for Jesus.  Bryce & Drew were SO excited to do it this's the first year they really understood it all.  We went to our Christmas service at church and then came home to sing Happy Birthday to Jesus and eat the yummy cake!

Christmas morning we had the boys' big gift from us set up and wrapped under a big bag.  We wrapped up the box so they could see the pictures of the gift and they we SO excited!

Christmas was so fun & relaxing.  The boys were so cute opening their gifts and had so much fun playing with their new toys.  Thankfully, they also got excited about GIVING gifts to others and  loved to help unwrap them!

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