Saturday, August 13, 2011

First Day Of Kindergarten

Our day went perfectly.  Bryce & Drew woke before their alarms excited about their big day.  They ate a good breakfast, we snapped a few pictures and then hopped on the golf cart for our 6 minute drive to school. 

Jimmy made sure to get this day off!

One of the golf cart parking lots at school..such a funny sight!

The 3 Kindergarten classes met in the cafeteria, with each individual class and teachers at their own table.  18 kiddos with all their gear - backpacks, lunch boxes and nap mats and their parents!  Once everyone was accounted for, they lined up in a single-file line and headed down the long hall to their classrooms.  The boys said with big smiles on their faces...."Bye Mom & Dad.  We love you!"  No tears.  No anxiety.  No fits. 


Unlike the scene 34 years ago when Jimmy and I cried and clung to our parents...HATING the idea of being stripped away from the comforts of our Moms & home!!

I am so thankful that our boys are confident, outgoing and very adaptable.  I've often wondered if those are truly innate personality traits, or if it's becuase of the "twin relationship?" a parent, it is such a blessing!

And, I'm so thankful Mrs. Dunham and Mrs. Clarke are so sweet and will do such a good job caring for our precious boys 6.5 hours a day!

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Harris Boys said...

hahaha love the golf cart pics..that is awesome! so glad the boys had a great first day and week :)

Muddy Dump Trucks & Stilettos said...

Where do you live!? The boys look so cute & I want to live where those golf carts are! ha ha!