Monday, August 8, 2011

Off to Kindergarten!

Today begins an exciting new chapter in the Richardson house.  Bryce & Drew are starting Kindgergarten!!! Thankfully, both boys are excited and eager to start. 

We got to "meet the teachers" the other night and tour the school.  Mrs. Dunham and Mrs. Clarke are very nice.  The boys are also thrilled that their buddy, Cole, will be in their class.

Bryce & Drew are more than ready for Kindgergarten.  They have been doing really well with reading and math for quite awhile.  They love to learn.  They are very social.  And, they love structure & routine. 

For months, I have been hearing other Mom's say, "I can't believe my baby is going to start Kindergarten."  Or, "I'm so sad!  What am I going to do all day?"  Or, "It seems like just yesterday that I brought my baby home from the hospital.  How is this possible?"  Hmmmm...I can't say I share those same sentiments!  There is no sadness here!

I ADORE my boys.  I think they are AMAZING children.  They are so SWEET, FUNNY, SMART and an absolute JOY to be around.  I CHERISH them and I'm so BLESSED to be their Mom.  BUT...
This Mommy is excited for a little break!

One of the challenges I have as a Stay at home Mom is trying to balance everything I need to do at home while engaging and spending quality time with Bryce & Drew.  Trying to get it all done is simply impossible.  There is just not enough time in the day for laundry, cleaning house, cooking, meal planning, shopping, pool maintenance, appointments, errands, etc all while taking care of the boys -  playing with them, doing learning time with them, speech therapy with Drew, play dates, swimming, sports, doctor appts, etc.   It is a really hard balance and something often "gives." SO, with 6.5 hours of Kindgergarten, vs. 2.5 hours of PreK, I think I will actually be a better Mom.  I can better manage my day and get all of my "To Do's" checked off my list while they're at school.  Then, when I pick them up at 2:30, I can simply focus on spending time with them.  With the hot Georgia weather, we will still be able to swim for at least 2 more months. Bryce & Drew will also be starting Baseball and AWANA at church.  Our days will be full!

Of course, I plan to be very involved in their class and school, volunteering as much as possible.  I want to see what they're learning.  I want to see them interacting with others.  I want to hear their conversations with friends and teachers.  

With the hours left over, I am looking forward to quality time for ME and for JIMMY.  I'm excited to get into a regular workout schedule at the gym.  I'm looking forward to getting involved at church and starting a Bible study.  Also, looking forward to spending time building relationships with new friends.

When Jimmy is home, we are looking forward to spending quality time together.  Coffee in the morning with uninterrupted conversation!  Going to the gym together.  Kayaking Lk. Peachtree.  Going on daytime dates!  And getting home improvement projects done together.    

My dear friend, Christy(also a Mom of twins) told me soon after my boys were born to "Embrace and enjoy each phase of life with your boys. Don't be sad to start a new one." 
I am not sad.  I embrace this new phase of our lives.  It will be a positive experience!
Praying today for my little boys...that they will feel safe, secure and happy in this new place!  Also praying for their teachers....for extra energy, endurance and blessings as they guide and teach 18 little 5 year olds!

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Harris Boys said...

great post Karen!! I am one of those moms that was sad sending a + e off to pre-k, but that only lasted the first day. HA! I am loving the free and me time before school starts back up. I love all the stuff you have planned for yourself, it is definitely easy to fill that 6.5 hours will still feel busy, but then have the quality time you talk about when the boys arrive home from school :)