Thursday, February 28, 2008

"The Boys" Poem

About a month ago, my dear friend Leilanni wrote the sweetest blog about her 2 year old (in a few days) daughter. Leilanni had been given the advice to "Always tell your child their story. Tell them and tell them often - make it theirs." So, she wrote "Ellie's story" and shares it with her frequently. I, of course, would love to do this for each of my boys, but have not taken the time to do it. But, it reminded me of a poem that Jimmy's sweet and witty Great Aunt Nadean gave me as a shower gift while I was pregnant. I think it's a great "Bryce and Drew story!"
Bryce and Drew with their Great, Great Aunt Nadean! (summer 2007)


When Jimmy and Karen decided to have a baby
They thought it would be easy and also kind of fun.
They weren't strangers to the drill;
They knew how it was done!

But days went by, then weeks and months,

Their efforts were in vain.

It might have started to seem like WORK,

But still no baby came.

They'd set high goals in their lives,
Who knows how far they'll go?
With this their most important one,
They couldn't, wouldn't accept a "NO!"

With God's help to Jimmy and Karen
And to their Doctor as well,
It wasn't too long before Jimmy's chest
And Karen's tummy had good reason to swell!
Imagine their excitement; their dream was coming true.
Just what they'd been wanting - a baby on the way!
They thought, "What could be better?"
But wait! "What did the Doctor say?"
TWINS! TWO babies on their way,
TWO BOYS, coming in the spring!
Their joy knew no bound -
They couldn't want another thing!

Except for Karen to stop hurling,
And the boys to wait their turn.
Hurling continued, bed rest required, Grandmas needed early,
Karen, those boys you did EARN!

Now the time has almost come
For Jimmy and Karen's arms to be as full as their hearts.
You're the lucky boys - off to a wonderful start.

WELCOME to the boys!
CONGRATULATIONS to their Mom and Dad!
It will be the grandest experience that you have ever had.
We love you all! Aunt Nadean, March 5, 2006

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Ginger said...

That is so darn sweet! What a great poem.

Leilanni said...

I LOVE it! Just reading it makes me want to meet Great Aunt Nadean - she sounds like one spunky lady! I agree - it's a perfect Bryce and Drew story and sums it all up so well. I love the part about Jimmy's heart and your tummy having reason to swell - what a sweet sentiment. And I admit - the part about you hurling is pretty funny although I KNOW it wasn't fun at the time! Thanks so much for sharing this treasure of a poem with us!