Friday, February 29, 2008

Papa & Uncle

We were blessed to have Papa Richardson (Jimmy's Dad) in town for over a week. It was so nice to spend time with him. The boys of course loved having someone to play with and dote on them besides me and Jimmy! Jimmy and I also got to get away several times to workout and go to church together. Papa, thank you for playing with us, reading us books, giving us baths, taking us on walks, playing on the swing set with us, snuggling with us and loving us so, Bryce and Drew.

We were at a museum...isn't this a cool shot?
Uncle Jeff also got to come for a few days from DFW. The boys had lots of fun playing with him too! Thanks for coming to see us Bryce and Drew.

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Sissy Teal said...

Hey auntie i figured out how to get the comments to work! ok... but i have to say that that is the cutest picture of the boys and uncle all laughing... I love you and give the boys loves for me!

love sissy!

Angela said...

Hi Karen,
Thanks for your comment on my blog! I'm so glad you visit me there. I had to come and see what you guys have been up too! Wow, the boys have sure grown and look happy and healthy. I would love to take their pictures one day when you are in the area. Just drop me an email and I'll make the time. Take good care. Hugs - Angela

Branches said...

They are too cute! Twins are great :)