Tuesday, February 26, 2008


My Mom is going through withdrawals and has requested some updated photos of her boys! Here's some for the grandparents!

Silly boys
Flight jackets and tigger planes

Our new "no-no." Opening the floor vents and cramming them full of toys, food or anything else that looks appealing!

Hmmm...I wonder who broke Mommy's sunglasses? This is why I buy cheapos from Wal-Mart!

A little Valentine's kiss - just between brothers. I can never get the camera to snap at the right moment - ugh, so frustrating!
The boys had so much fun on their recent trip to Toys R Us.

They would have pushed these poppers all over the store if we would have let em!
And drove these cars for hours!

The boys' Great Grandma knitted these darling, hooded sweaters. Drew kept himself entertained for quite awhile playing peek-a-boo in his hood!

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Ginger said...

They look so sweet! It is so neat the bond they have. We are about to do the embryo transfer. It takes about 5 weeks or so. 7 until we now if we are prego or not. Who know we might have twin too. Please keep us in your prays. Talk to you soon

Grandpa and Grandma said...

The pics are darling.....they will have to do until we get to see them "real time". Thanks for the update. Love ya, Mom

Leilanni said...

These are some great pictures! Their little personalities just shine through. Good to talk to you earlier :-)