Thursday, February 14, 2008

My 3 Sweethearts

Since today is Valentine's Day I thought I would share what I love most about my sweetheart. Jimmy and I started dating in the 9th grade. He told me then that he wanted to marry me someday. Thankfully, he held to his promise. We married 2 months after graduating college and celebrated our 13th anniversary this past August. Jimmy, I love you so much and I'm so thankful that your are my husband. These are the things I love about you most.

1. I love that Christ is at the center of our marriage and that you pray for us, our boys and our family every day.

2. I love that you are the "man of our home." That you lead by example. You set goals for our family, you think about our safety, our financial security and our comfort and peace.

3. I love that we are a good team. When I'm weak, you are strong, and vice versa.

4. I love that you are a good listener (when the tv is not on!) and you give really wise advice.

5. I love that you appreciate me, and praise me for being your wife, the mother to our boys, and that you love my cooking!

6. I love you for being the Daddy that you are. I love the way that you play with Bryce and Drew, the way that you smile at them and say "I am honored to be your Daddy!"

7. I love that you always look for the best in others. That you have a true interest in others and sincerely care.

8. I love that you are not afraid to show your emotions - even if means crying.

9. I love that you are so passionate about life. You give everything you do 100%. You are a man of your word and you have integrity in all you do.

10. I love it when you tell me "I adore you and I'm honored to be your husband."

Of course, I must include the other 2 sweethearts in my life! Bryce and Drew, Mommy loves you so much. I am so thankful God gave you to me and your Daddy to raise. You bring joy, laughter and smiles into our lives every day. You are good little boys and I'm so honored to be your Mommy.

1. I love it when we sit down at the table to eat, you both stretch out your hands to hold our hands while we pray and how you shout loudly, "AAAAAAMENNNN!" at the end.

2. I love that you throw your hands in the air and say "Yay, Mommy!" when you eat something really good I've fixed you.

3. I love when you hug and kiss each other without us asking you to!

4. I love when you wrap your arms around my neck and squeeze really hard!

5. I love when you give me kisses and blow me kisses.

6. I love that you love each other so much.

7. I love your smiles and giggles.

8. I love to see your excitement when you open a present.

9. I love that you say "moon" when you see the Nike logo!

10. I love that you both crawl up on my lap to read books even though it's so crowded!

Here's some funny video from a few weeks ago. The boys were really sick and had's my only explanation for this one!


Rebekah said...

So sweet!!! You guys need to come visit ... Emma would love Bryce & Drew!

Smang said...

You are so sweet to express your sweet love for all your boys! That picture of you and Jimmy is GREAT! You have inspired me to get out my highschool pics. Casey and I started dating our Senior year in H.S. but have known each other since the 6th grade. hee hee! You guys are a great couple. I miss you!

Leilanni said...

LOVE the 9th grade picture!!! What a sweet post - I bet Jimmy reads it multiple times.

The video at the end cracked me up - not only because it's such a funny pose but because Bryce looks completely happy and comfortable smushed under there!!

Ginther Ginther said...

You fortunate woman to have the love of God, your husband and such adorable twins! Thanks for sharing your life this special way. I enjoyed the sentiments and the photos very much. Never got to know you as you grew up so this is a great way to peek into your life now. Your dad's cousin Gwyneth (Myrick) Ginther