Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Birthday Party #2

Nana and Papa M were able to come for a visit after Jimmy's parents left. We were hoping to have one big birthday party with the 2 sets of grandparents since they were visiting around the same time but we just couldn't coordinate the dates. And since my Mom's birthday was in April, we combined her party with the boys'! What a fun celebration!

Nana got gift cards to buy clothes and books and a ticket to a musical performance. The boys got lots of cute clothes, pj's, books, movies and puzzles.

The chocolate cupcakes with m&m toppings were such a big hit at the first party we had to make them again!

My boys and Nana are SO loved!!!

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April said...

Hey Jimmie and Karen, It's April. Your family is so beautiful! God has truely blessed you! I have a blog too. http://aprilerinrachel.blogspot.com/ Check it out sometime!
Talk to you soon!

zerry ht said...

Hey!! The boys look so cute together. I must say that birthday arrangements are really stunning. Want to arrange my daughter’s birthday party at one of NYC venues. Thinking of having Alice in wonderland themed party. Wish could make her day an enjoyable one.