Saturday, May 3, 2008

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

My dear friends Gina and Sheila came to visit last weekend from Fort Worth. Just the girls - no husbands and no kiddos for 4 days! I know...big sacrifices, huh?

When Jimmy and I moved to DFW in 1998, Gina quickly became my first Texas friend. I was hired at The Shepherd's Guide as a Sales Rep where she was the Office Manager. We had prayed when we moved to TX that we would find a good church home where we could grow spiritually, serve and meet other Christian couples. God answered our prayers when Gina invited us to her church, Richland Hills Church of Christ ( We also met and became friends with Trey and Sheila at RHCC. Our 3 families have been through a lot throughout the years . They were always so loving, supportive and encouraging to us as we struggled with Jimmy's job layoffs and our infertility journey/high-risk pregnancy. They are the kind of friends that would do anything for us. They are awesome and I am so privileged to call them my "friends!"
Sadly, we moved out of state when the boys were only 4 months old, so Gina and Sheila have only seen them a handful of times since then. So, it was very sweet to watch Bryce and Drew interacting with them. Of course, the boys loved all of the attention and hugs & kisses they received! As you can see from the pics, they were not bashful at all! They both have had lots of practice with their boys - Gina has 2 sweet boys, Cole and Luke and Sheila's precious boy is Alec.
Playing "peek a boo" with the girls!
I had so much fun getting away with just the girls. On Friday we got a hotel located right in the middle of an outdoor mall - smart developer, huh? We went out to dinner and then to a musical performance. On Saturday, we stuffed ourselves with a wonderful brunch at our favorite resort/lodge. We were all wearing cute cross t-shirts that Sheila had made for us.Then we went to the Titanic Museumand did some shopping at the Outlet Mall. We came back to my house that night to have an Asian-themed dinner (check back in a few days for recipes and pics)and to play with the boys before the went to bed. They left Sunday morning to head back to Texas.
Thanks girls for making the huge effort to come visit us. Thank you Russell and Trey, for taking such wonderful care of Cole, Luke and Alec. I'm so thankful for the time we had together and for our friendships. I hope someday we'll be back in DFW so we can spend more time together. I miss you and your sweet families!

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Katherine said...

I have been looking forward to this post! Glad y'all had such a great time!!

Gina said...

We sure did have fun girl! Thanks for opening your home to us and letting us love on your sweet little boys, I miss them already! Can't wait for the next trip and look forward to you coming here you guys can see ALL of your friends who love you very much!

Sheila Fairly said...

It was such a blessing to be able to be with you guys. Whenever I have been able to visit with you all, I feel so refreshed and so understood. Trey and I have always said that you and Jimmy are the greatest listeners.
We are ready for you all to come to DFW for a weekend...we will keep the boys for you :0)!

Harris Boys said...

hey karen. I got our umbrella strollers from babies R' Us..they were 19.99 a piece. We've had them forever and they have held up really well. I also bought a stroller attachment so I can make them a side by side double and that was 9.99. We usually use them just as single strollers, the boys love them.

Sheila Fairly said...

Hey friend, I forgot to mention, you might want to add a disclaimer. Someone said "I didn't know you made those shirts"...the shirts came from the very talented Amy Rogers, her web site is

Love ya!