Thursday, May 1, 2008


I cherish my boys and usually enjoy every moment with them (well, mostly!), but yesterday was different! We just could not get into a good groove. It actually started when I woke up. I was really tired and a bit on the cranky side. The boys were tired too, whiny, clingy, loud, messy (I know this can be typical for 2 yr olds) and antagonistic with each other. They fought over everything from their sippy cups to their babies and toys - even the toys that we have doubles of. They opened up every drawer and cupboard that they aren't supposed to open (multiple times) turned on faucets, light switches, turned on tv's, turned off my computer, played with the printer, my camera and ALL of the telephones...repeatedly. They fought, bit and pushed each other. Each time I would run to fix a mess or dilemma one boy had made, the other boy was right behind him creating his own mess. The entire house was picked up when we woke up but within minutes, it looked like a tornado had blown through! I think I used the words "NO!", "You're going to time out", "Uh-Oh" and " that is not a good choice!" more than any other words! They totally epitomized the term "double trouble!" I finally gave them each a lollipop, sat them on my bed to watch Mickey Mouse and decided I would take a quick shower so I could have a breather and think about what to do with them next. When I got out of the shower to check on them, this is what I found...
My little angels were sitting, quietly, sucking on their lollipops, with their arms wrapped around each other, AND smiles on their faces! Awwww...what a sweet moment. And, it wasn't even prompted! It was as if they had made a "truce" with each other to be nice and loving! All those hours of previous frustration suddenly disappeared! Maybe we all woke up on the "wrong side of the bed" and just needed some time to work it out?! Maybe I set a bad "tone" when I woke up crabby? Whatever the reason, I am thankful that Bryce and Drew are typically, for twin boys, well behaved and enjoyable.

By the way moms, I found these really yummy organic, all natural lollipops at my local health food store. The boys love them, and so do I!

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Leilanni said...

So . . .
organic lollipops + mickey mouse = angelic behavior and peace throughout the land

I'm SO trying this tomorrow.


Love you!