Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Who Did It?


Bryce and Drew are communicating well. They are using more recognizable words and sometimes even sentences, although, at times, they still communicate with each other in their "twin language." Of course, lots of funnies are coming out of their mouths. Each day is a new, funny adventure!

I love how the boys say their names. Their "R's" are difficult for them to pronounce so Bryce = Bice and Drew = Dew. In fact, about 50% of the time, Bryce gets confused about what his name actually is! If he sees his picture he may say "dats Dew!" Or, if we ask him what his name is, he may say "Dew!" I wonder if they look more "identical" than "fraternal" through his eyes?! Who knows! I still get stopped by strangers when we're out and get asked "how do you tell them apart?" Drew is 2 inches taller and 1 pound lighter than Bryce - they look VERY different! Seems crazy to me!

Our funny conversations this week sound a little like this...

Mommy: "I smell a poopy. Who did it?"
Boys: Both stop and look at each other.
Drew: With a fresh, stinky poopy in his diaper, quickly blurts out, very matter-of- factly" "Bice pooped. No Dew!"

In fact, now any time I say I need to change Drew's diaper, he blurts out "Bice pooped!" As if I'm not going to change him!

Or, if the boys are fighting over a toy and I didn't see who had it first...

Mommy: "Ok, who had the ball first?"
Bryce: "Bice had it."
Drew: "Dew had it."
Mommy: "hmmm...I guess Mommy gets it now!"

I guess a benefit to having a twin is there is always someone else to blame!

The saying on their t-shirt says it all!

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Leilanni said...

Love it! And their little shirts are so perfect - hee hee.

The boys DO look so different from one another - those people who can't tell them apart must not be looking very hard!!

Ginger said...

Cute blog. Your boys are so cute and yes very different.


thanks for the comment!

your boys are adorable and i love to watch other twins, especially around the same age as the boys.

i do have a question. we are getting ready to make the transition to "big boy" beds and was wondering if you have done this yet or if you have any suggestions. i'm thinking that they will want to sleep together, but my husband is wanting to try two twin beds first. i know all kids are different, but it seems that most twins act the same. everyone i've ever talked to that have twins boys or girls say that they sleep together. anyways, sorry for the long post and i will be keeping up with your precious boys!

Harris Boys said...

LOVE this post...I just can't wait for my boys to start talking to each other...they are so darn cute!!!! I can tell them apart, but maybe that's b/c I'm a twin mommy too? I can def. see a difference!! Love the t-shirt...LOL