Thursday, August 28, 2008

Celery, Teeth and Poop!

What's up with the weird title, you ask?

Last night I made a vegetable soup for dinner that had lots of the boys' new favorite in it. Bryce started his prayer {very seriously}, by saying, "Dear Jesus, thank you fo da celery!" He LOVES celery!

Today, the boys had their first trip to the dentist. Jimmy needed to go for his 6-month checkup so we thought it would be a good time for the boys to get acclimated to the dentist chair. Thankfully and amazingly, they were perfect! They sat with me on the floor for quite awhile eating a snack and reading books while the hygienist got started with Jimmy. After about 20 minutes Drew started getting a little restless and was curious to see what the doctor lady (hygienist) was doing! So he climbed up onto the chair and layed on Jimmy's chest just inches from his mouth talking away to the hygienist. Thankfully, she loves kids and thought it was pretty cute!

I went with Drew into the adjacent room with another hygienist to begin his exam and cleaning. She was so awesome with him. She explained every instrument to him, moved the chair up and down and even let him pick his own toothpaste flavor. Drew thought it was all so fun & cool. His favorite instrument was the water pick and "Mr. Sucky!" He didn't want to let it out of his mouth because "it tickled!" I was so proud of him - he did so great!

Unfortunately, I didn't get to see much of Bryce's exam and cleaning. I ran back and forth a few times between the rooms but he was doing just fine with his Daddy. Bryce did great too but I don't think he found it quite as cool as his brother. He was very serious and still!

It was a GREAT experience and thankfully, they all received good reports! I'm always so relieved when I leave a public setting like that with compliments like, "Your boys are so cute. They are so well behaved and pleasant!" I hope they are true compliments and not just what they tell all parents!

We enjoyed a nice lunch together and then I went on to get my hair cut. J took the boys home to get them down for a nap. I got a call soon after arriving at the salon...not a good sign! He had put the boys down and just a few minutes later heard Drew saying "Poop Daddy. Dew pooped." He went in to find Drew without his diaper on and a large poopy in his crib! Oh, J was not happy. He immediately picked him up and got him into the bathtub. Meanwhile, Bryce's curiosity got the best of him. He crawled out of his crib and into Drew's crib to check out "the mess!" Oh boy...poop everywhere and a very angry Daddy!

Thankfully, by the time I got home, Jimmy had both boys bathed, bedding changed AND sleeping. It worked out pretty good for me!

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Mike and Shirley said...

How adorable.....they are such sweet boys and so fun. Have to say the poopy incident was pretty funny, too. Thank you for making the effort and taking the time to keep all of the nanas and papas is so hard to be far away and miss out on all of the cute things they say and do and we so appreciate the blogging.

Harris Boys said...

they are so sweet karen and look SO big in those dentist chairs!! good to hear things went smoothly..I'm nervous about taking them to the dentist...this post is reassuring. :)

funny about the poop...aren't you glad you were not home for it...hehe

Leslie said...

That's some good timing on your part! It's funny to read about, but I know from experience that there really isn't anything funny about it when it happens to you. What a sweet husband you've got!

Sheila Fairly said...

I am so glad the dentist apt. went so well. The first two that Alec did, he cried the whole time!

Love the poopy story...poor Jimmy and so happy for Karen.

Love ya sis! Sheila

Leilanni said...

Wow - way to go Drew and Bryce!!! I am totally impressed at how well they did at the dentist - you should be so proud! :-)

And - OH MY on the poo story! Poor Jimmy. But I'm glad you missed out on the drama :-)