Monday, August 11, 2008

Kentucky Memories

Entertaining 3 two year olds and a 10 year old = a fun, active and very busy vacation!

The kids had lots of fun playing in Uncle Eric and Aunt Donna's backyard. They have an awesome play yard & bounce house.

We ran the garden hose down the slide to make a water slide into the kiddie pool. Bryce and Logan liked it the most.

Too bad Logan was just a little too big for the pool!

Cooling off with the hose... Logan, thank you for being so good with the boys!

Drew spraying girl, huh?!

Aren't "the triplets" cute?

Grandma was so happy having her grandbabies together again. Isn't it crazy that they were born about 48 hours apart?

We chilled out one day at the water park at Ft. Knox. It was perfect for all the little ones.

We also had fun playing games and eating pizza at Mr. Gatti's (kind of like Chuck E Cheeses.) I shutter to think how much money was dropped into those silly was pretty entertaining though, I have to admit!

"The triplets" got along really well and had tons of fun together. The only mishap involved a black dry erase pen, a sneaky little boy, 2 walls and some carpet!

They loved to sit at the table and color on their dry erase kept them occupied for quite awhile, until Drew slipped into the other room and left some beautiful artwork for his Uncle Eric and Aunt Donna! Thank goodness for magic erase sponges, understanding family and Donna's plan to repaint! Jimmy and I were horrified, of course!

Once again, the boys did awesome traveling. I cannot sing enough praises for DVD players in cars!

24+ hours in the car + 4 days of traveling, + 2 hotel stays+ lots of summer road construction+ hot, humid weather, + Mommy's bad back = tired parents but also lots of fun, special, family memories that we wouldn't trade for anything!

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Harris Boys said...

you guys look great! what a fun backyard for the kiddos to play in. How cool the 'triplets' are so close in age. I bet so many people think they really are triplets! I bet grandma was excited to get her grandbabies so close together!

Leilanni said...

Oh - I loved looking through all these pictures!!! Everyone just looks so happy - I can tell y'all had a great time. So glad y'all got to do this!