Tuesday, August 26, 2008

They Crack Me Up!

Daily, Bryce and Drew say things that absolutely crack me up. I have not been very faithful about writing them down, so here's a few of the most recent comments...

When I went to get Drew out of his crib today from his nap, I noticed that his diaper had fallen off (or he had taken it off!). I quietly commented to Drew about it because Bryce was still sleeping, or so I thought. Bryce very loudly says, "UH-OH SKETIOS! Dew, dats a no, no. No take off yow diaper!" Oh man, they have good ears!

For quite some time the boys have been noticing and commenting about anatomical differences between Daddy and Mommy - mainly about Mommy's boobies. Each day they like to comment on what color Mommy's boobies are - depending on the color shirt I'm wearing. They say, "Mommy, 2 boobies, blue. Gearls hab boobies. Boys hab nipples!"

The other day, Bryce squated down, pulled his shirt down over his knees so he had bumps in his shirt and said, "Yook, Bice has boobies yike Mommy!"

The boys are very aware of my recent back problems and are very concerned for me. They will often come up to me during the day and start rubbing and kissing my back. If they see my ice pack, they say,"Ohhhh...Mommy's back huwt."

When we pray, we barely get the words, "Dear Jesus" out and the boys are saying, "and pease be wif Nanas and Papas." They love their grandparents SO MUCH!

The other night Drew was struggling to fall asleep so I was rubbing his back and singing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" and he said, "No Mommy, Esus." It took me a minute to figure out that he wanted me to sing "Jesus Loves Me!"

They are so precious!

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Harris Boys said...

aw, that last line made me tear up. so sweet karen. you have 2 very special little boys.
I love how bryce hear you talking about the diaper and had to chime in...lol


they are so sweet!! i love to hear the little ones talk!

Leilanni said...

I'm finally getting to catch up on some blog reading! I loved reading about their sweet sayings. They are so compassionate - y'all are doing a great job!!