Tuesday, March 17, 2009

New Favorite Food!

I introduced a new food to the boys awhile back and it is their new favorite!
It's pretty cute when they ask for it by name, "Edamame" but usually they refer to them as "jumping beans!" They think it's hilarious when they bite into the pod and the soybean comes jumping out onto their plate or the floor!

If they get a pod with 2 beans in it, they call it twins and name them Bryce and Drew. If they get a pod with 3 beans in it, like the one above, they name them Grayson, Andrus and Liam, after their triplet buddies!

Our dinner conversations have become pretty funny and entertaining!

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Stacy said...

Ellie loves Edamame as well. It is awesome. I have been meaning to ask for a few of your fav wholesome toddler recipes. But I do not have your email. Will you send some to JOhn or post some? How is the job? It is rough going back. I had a hard time and was only off for 6 months. I know that you miss the boys, but sounds like great opportunity, plus some time to be with other people. Hope all is well. Would like to get together this spring. You all can show us around Branson...