Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Our Letter To Bryce

Our sweet Bryce,

It's hard to imagine that in just a few days you will be turning 3 years old! 36 months ago you were placed in our arms and we immediately fell in love with you.

The 2nd year of your life has been an absolute joy. You have learned your colors, numbers, letters, shapes and even how to spell your name and Drew's name. You have learned to cut with scissors, to talk in complete sentences and to play your VSmile video games. When you ask to pray it melts our hearts. You have also learned to go potty on the big-boy potty, although you're not completely potty-trained yet! You like to analyze everything and to figure out how it all works.

You love to play outside - to drive your car, to blow bubbles, to play on your swing set, to explore and to play in your bounce house. You love to swim, to read books, to play with your trains and cars and to go shopping! You also think it's hilarious to have us chase you and to play hide and seek. You enjoy cooking with Mommy, washing cars and doing yard work with Daddy, coloring, Play-Doh, gymnastics, puzzles, games, and singing & dancing! Bryce, you have an adventerous spirit and love to ride on fast rides and water slides.

You are a good eater Bryce. You love eggs, blueberry pancakes, Mexican food (especially chips and salsa), vanilla yogurt, olives, cheeseburgers, pizza, beans, fruit, pasta and Sundrop M&M's. Your favorite TV shows are Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Diego. Currently, your favorite books are Curious George and Bible stories. And your favorite color is red.

You have such a sweet personality Bryce Matthew. You are easy-going and sweet-natured. You love your family, friends, your stuffed animals and even strangers! You have a beautiful smile that lights up a room and such a gentle spirit. Your laugh is contagious and your joy is unending. We love how you wake up everyday with a smile on your face. You are patient and enjoy learning. You are becoming such a polite gentleman. You like to hold doors open for ladies and you say please and thank you.

At times, you can be a little ornery and aggressive with your brother. If you two are fighting your are typically the instigator! You often take toys from him and hit or bite him. In spite of the occasional arguing, you love your brother dearly and are so blessed to have your "Dew Bug" as your best friend!

Just like your Mommy, you love your sleep. Now that you're a big boy, you don't take a nap every day but on the days that you do, you often just put yourself to bed. When you wake up you still like to cuddle and be held and kissed.

Mommy and Daddy love you so much Bryce. We are so thankful that God chose us to be your parents. It is an absolute honor and joy to raise you and to call you our son. We look forward to the adventures in your 3rd year of life and all the things you will learn. Thank you for being such a good boy.

Mommy and Daddy

Here are a few of my favorite pics of Bryce's sweet face in his 2nd year...

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Tjaardas in Florida said...

Karen, what a sweet letter. It will be fun to look back and see what they liked and were doing at these stages of life. You have 2 cute boys!

Harris Boys said...

Karen, that was so sweet...I can't believe your boys are 3...where does the time go. Cherish every second, it goes by SO fast!

Happy Birthday Bryce!

Sheila Fairly said...

Happy birthday Bryce. You also have some of the sweetest parents in the whole wide world!

Jeannie said...

Oh my,, that is so fun that you wrote letters to them... This will be very special to them later in life.. I hope you have copied them for their books...and such cute pictures...They are growing up fast...and you take very good picutes by the way!!! Hopefully we will get to meet them before they are teenagers...Hugs to you all.. this has been a treat.. thanks for sharing..!!! Jeannie