Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Our Letter to Drew

Our sweet Drew,

It's hard to imagine that in just a few days you will be turning 3 years old! 36 months ago you were placed in our arms and we immediately fell in love with you!

The 2nd year of your life has been a joyous adventure! You have learned your colors, numbers, letters, shapes and how to spell your name, Bryce's name and even a few words. You have learned to cut with scissors, to talk in complete sentences and to play your VSmile video games. When you pray it melts our heart! You have also learned how to go potty on the big-boy potty, although you're not completely potty-trained yet!

You love to play outside - to drive your car, ride your trike and scooter, to golf, kick balls, throw your frisbee, to blow bubbles, and to look at bugs and frogs! It is unbelievable to watch you shoot baskets on your basketball hoop. You can sink shot after shot from 6-8 feet! You love your bounce house. You adore swimming and are fearless in the pool. You love puzzles, games and spending time with Daddy outside. You also enjoy cooking with Mommy, Play-Doh, gymnastics, puzzles, singing & dancing, and playing hide & seek. Your favorite TV shows are Diego and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Your favorite books are Curious George and letter, color and shape books. You have 2 favorite colors - orange and yellow. Thankfully you are a fast learner because you don't have much patience to sit for long!

You are a pickier eater than Bryce. You tend to "snack" your way through the day. Mommy is always concerned that you are not eating enough so I tend to keep track of your calories and protein intake. Your favorite foods are: yogurt, fruit smoothies, french toast, pizza, olives, fruit, corn, PB & J sandwiches, grilled cheese and tomato soup, cheese, Mexican food (especially chips and salsa), and lollipops (you call them lollihops.)

You have such a sweet personality Drew James. You are very sensitive and tender-hearted. You love others deeply and show concern when they are hurt or upset. You love your family, your friends and ALL of your babies (especially D and Booger!) You love to give hugs and kisses. When Daddy or I leave the house you always tell us "I need hugs & kisses." You are very independent and like to do things your way. You are silly and do lots of goofy things! You tend to be the leader in most things and are very active. The only time you sit still is when you're watching TV.

At times, you can be temperamental and argumentative. You often have a one-track mind and want to do things "Drew's way." You are very sweet and loving with Bryce. When the two of you are fighting over a toy you typically just give in to him! You are very blessed to have your "Bryce a Bear!"

You are much like your Daddy when it comes to sleep. You prefer to skip your nap - why nap when you can be playing?! You prefer to go to bed around 7:30 and sleep for 12 hours straight.

Mommy and Daddy love you so much Drew. We are so thankful that God chose us to be your parents. It is an absolute honor and joy to raise you and to call your our son. We look forward to the adventures in your 3rd year of life and all the things you will learn. Thank you for being such a good boy!

Mommy and Daddy
Here's some of my favorite pics of Drew in his 2nd year of life...

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Tjaardas in Florida said...

So sweet! Your boys are blessed to have you both as parents!

Harris Boys said...

what sweet, caring little boys you have Karen. I enjoyed reading the boys letters!!

Happy Birthday Drew!!!!

Sheila Fairly said...

Drew, happy third birthday! You have some of the sweetest and best parents in the world!

Sheila Fairly said...

Drew, happy third birthday! You have some of the sweetest and best parents in the world!

Sheila Fairly said...
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