Monday, July 18, 2011

MY "Brown Thumb" is turning Green!

I have always LOVED the idea of having a garden, but HATED the idea of gardening!

There is nothing "green" about my thumb.  I kill all things living...plants, that is. Even the little plants Bryce & Drew gave me for Mother's Day....dead!

Until now...

Dad and Shari planted me a small garden back in May.  Several tomato, bell pepper and blueberry plants.  ALL I HAD TO DO IS WATER AND WEED.

And much to my's working!

I am so proud of my little crop and definitely motivated to learn more about gardening.  Lesson learned...even brown thumbs can turn green!
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JP's MOM said...


We tried a garden last year and had a wonderful crop...only the deer enjoyed it more that we got too! Love home grown veggies!