Thursday, July 28, 2011


At birth...
Baby A (Bryce) weighed 6# 11oz.
Baby B (Drew) weighed 7# 2oz.
Throughout infancy and young toddler-age Bryce weighed the most.  However, Drew passed him in height and weight a few years ago and has worn a size bigger in clothing and shoes ever since. About a year ago, it became a huge topic of conversation and a source of is everything with twins!  Of course, both boys want to be "the biggest twin!" Drew loves to point out that he weighs the most...Rubbing it in so frequently that Bryce would get really upset and even cry!  When Drew topped the scale at 3# heavier about a month ago, I asked them to stop weighing!

This has prompted many conversations. "You are 2 completely different children - just born on the same day.  God made you exactly how he wanted you to be.  And, we do not judge someone on their size, looks, etc....." when they pulled out my scale, you can imagine how thrilled Bryce was to see this number!


THEY WEIGH EXACTLY THE SAME.  What a happy day for my Bryce!
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Harris Boys said... fun for B!!! and yes everything is a competition for twins!!!