Sunday, July 17, 2011

A New Chapter

Sharing a room is all Bryce & Drew have ever known...

This is how it all started...

When they were born, they shared a "twin crib" in the hospital for 4 days.

When they came home from the hospital, they shared one crib
but we had to split them up after a few days.  SOMEHOW, my little 7 pound Drew was able to "scooch" himself over to Bryce.  He would be practically on top of him or covering his face.  I had no idea 39 week old babies could move like that!  Now I know why.  Drew LOVES his brother and LOVES to be close to him.  I guess after 38 weeks of sharing a womb, that's all you know!
After squeezing 3 1/2 years out of their cribs, we finally said goodbye to them and gave Bryce & Drew our queen size bed.  I think Drew was thrilled to be able to sleep right next to his brother, again!

Soon it became clear that Bryce was needing his own space.  Drew was always encroaching upon his space.. holding his hand, kissing him, wrapping his arm around him, hogging the bed, etc.  And for a boy that is VERY SERIOUS about his sleep (like me!)'s not fun! So, when we finally got moved into our new home, we decided it was time to split them into their own rooms.  BRYCE WAS THRILLED.  DREW WAS DEVASTATED! 
Drew LOVES his stuffed animals so to help him get excited about his new bedroom, we told him he could sleep with 10 babies every night!  THANK GOODNESS THAT WORKED!

Drew kept the queen size bed and Bryce got a whole new bedroom set.  He is very proud of his new room and keeps it very clean and organized. The smile says it all!

So far, it's working out pretty well.  Bryce is getting a lot more sleep.  Drew really misses Bryce and looks forward to having "sleep overs" with him!  The bond that twins share is TIGHT!

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Harris Boys said...

love!!! such sweet boys! love the one of them holding hands...a twin bond is SO special. :)

JP's MOM said...

Big Guy has shown an intense desire for some alone time, so we are in the process of giving making Little Guy a new bedroom. Hoping for a good transition, but like your boys I have one that needs the other.