Sunday, July 17, 2011


Nana & Papa Richardson flew to Georgia to help us move from our rental house into our new house.  Unfortunately, we had some delays so they graciously helped us work around the house.  Cleaning.  Working.  Cleaning and more working!  Not many pictures taken during that time! :(

We got to spend more time with the Richardsons later in May.  Unfortunately, it was for Jimmy's "Grandpa Frank's" funeral.  We were really glad we got to be there for Denise and her family.  It also gave us a rare opporunity to have the whole family together.

We just love Stacie, Jeff's girlfriend.  She makes a wonderful addition to our family!

The Richardson BOYS...

Later in May, Dad and Shari drove to see us and timed it just right to be our "first house guests" in our new home!

The boys got lots of attention and play time with Papa Rick & Gammie while we were still unpacking and getting settled in.

Jimmy and I are very blessed with 3 sets of loving parents and grandparents for our boys!
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