Friday, October 3, 2008

Individual Time

We started a new tradition today.

Each week we are going to try to set aside individual time with each of the boys. We see the importance of separating the two of them. They are always together. They play with the same toys. They eat together, bathe together, watch tv together, read books together, go to Sunday School together, ride in a double stroller together, etc... And, they are usually dressed in the same clothes (at least for the time being!)

The twin bond that they share is close and special. But we recognize that a little break every now and again is healthy and necessary!

Today, I chose to spend my "individual time" with Bryce. I have been spending a lot of time disciplining this sweet, strong-willed son of mine lately, so I was looking forward to fun time alone with him!
We spent some time playing with toys at our local educational/toy store. We enjoyed a nice lunch together and he helped me do our weekly grocery shopping at Wal-Mart and the health food store.
It felt very strange to have a "singleton!" I pushed a regular size grocery cart. I only had one diaper to change, one sippy cup to refill, one lunch to buy, one hand to hold and one sweet face to kiss.
After a few hours of special time with Bryce, we were both ready to get home to our Drew Bug! They were so happy to see one resulted in NO NAP! Bryce repeatedly unzipped Drew's crib tent and crawled inside to be close to him. They just wanted be together!
To all of my mommy friends out there (mom's of multiples AND singletons) you have any fun traditions that you do individually with your children? Would love to hear your comments and ideas!
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John, Katrina, Nate & Megan said...

Karen, I have been so busy lately with life that I haven't visited in a while, but love the individual time you started with the boys. We too, cherish the times that we can do something special with each kid individually. Megan loves playing games, so her one-on-one time usually involves a big "game night" with John and I followed by her favorite dinner which always includes lots of cheetos. We seem to usually follow this up with some singing and dancing with her favorite cd's. Nate loves to play video games and we usually are pretty strict about the time he gets, but when it's his turn, John and I both play guitar hero or Madden football with him, we make popcorn (his favorite) and then finish it off with a special movie that Megan is usually too young for. Makes him feel proud to be the 'oldest'. And it's so fun!

Angela Schwartz Photography said...

Hi Karen!
Great to see new posts. Very good idea to set aside some individual time for each kiddo. Love that. My daughter enjoys it when we have our "Ladies Nights" and we get to go do something fun just "us girls". My son and I get alot of alone time together now that sissy is in school. Anyway, how fun to see how much your boys have grown. Looks like your enjoying them! Take good care. Angela

Anonymous said...

I know that Lakyn is older, however, we have started a 'movie and dinner' night. Even though we are the only two in the house, we are always doing 'something!' So, one night a week, we don't answer the phone, no laundry, nothing... we eat dinner and watch a movie. We have been doing this for 3 weeks now and it has just been awesome! We both really enjoy it.

Emma and Luke said...

What a great idea!! I'm sure each of the boys LOVES his individual time and as they get older, I would think this would be even more special! They are probably so used to doing things together that it's really special to have alone time with you. :)