Tuesday, October 14, 2008



Yesterday we had another play date with our triplet boy friends. We went to a beautiful, National River nearby. It was a perfect Fall day - 75 degrees, orange and red leaves falling all around and crystal clear water.

The 5 boys enjoyed throwing rocks in the river for a long while. Then they got brave and dipped their toes in the water. Before we knew it, all of them had stripped naked and started swimming and splashing in the cold water. It didn't take 5 "just beginning the idea of potty training" boys to figure out how fun it is to pee in the river. One boy would pee and the other 4 would clap and yell "good job!" while the next one would start. All 5 boys were peeing all day long! It was great practice and a huge encouragement for each of them to have their buddies cheering them on! I have some really funny pictures of them but I don't think they would appreciate their naked bums all over the Internet! We finished our day with a fun picnic lunch by the water.
The boys crack me up with the things they say. I just have to write them down so I don't ever forget!

Here's a few...

"Dats funny!"

"Good job buddy!"

"I'm SOOOOO happy!"

"Cool dude."

"Oh WOW!"

"Excuse me pweas."
"Mommy, zugit please...LOUDER!" zugit = music

"Eew....dat diaper gingky!" ginky = stinky

"Oh no, Bicie gunk!" gunk = stuck

Some funny conversations...

Bryce: "Mommy, I need diaper change. I go poo poo."
Drew: runs over to the couch to observe and says, "Bicie, ew no go poo poo. You have willy big pee pee diaper. Eeww...messy!"
When the boys get hurt they always run to ask us to kiss their "boo boo." They amazingly always feel better after the kiss!

Today, Bryce bumped his head pretty hard.
Bryce: "Mommy kiss it...I hurt my head."
Mommy: "I'm so sorry Bryce. Let me kiss it."
Drew: "No, Mommy, I kiss it. Oh Bicie, I'm sowy. I take you to da doctor!"
I don't know what it is about poop but the boys are very intrigued by it. Anytime I change one of the boys' poopy diapers the other one has to stand inches away to see it!

Today I was changing Drew's poopy. Bryce was leaning over him to see.
Bryce: "Dew, I see yo poopy."
Drew: "No Bicie, dats gwoss!"
Bryce: "Eew, Dew, dats ginky and messy!'
Drew: "Bicie, no yook. It's MY poopy!"

Are they gonna hate me someday for posting this?!

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Leilanni said...

I LOVED this post! Reading through their hilarious comments and the thought of 5 toddler boys starting their "potty training" together in the river was just too much!!! Thanks for the giggles! :-)

Emma and Luke said...

Beautiful pictures!! Your story is TOO funny!! I can only imagine the scene... I guess it's true, boys will be boys! :)